At what age do the sizes fit?

Your baby’s NHS Personal Child Health Record growth chart will have half of boys reaching 20lbs at 39 weeks (8 months) and half of girls at 46 weeks (10 months).

Littlelamb reusable nappies will fit most newborn babies up to around 9 months. If your baby has a low birth weight the size 1’s will not fit until baby reaches around 7lbs as the leg elastic will be baggy and containment will be compromised.

Dependant on your baby’s shape, the size 2’s should fit at around 20lbs and go through to potty training.

The size 3 nappy fits from 30lbs plus and is for those toddlers who don’t quite get the hang of potty training, especially at night time.

Top tip: It’s easier to start potty training during the warmer months as more fluid is lost through sweating, reducing the need for potty.


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