Cotton, Bamboo, Microfibre... What is the difference?

In a nutshell choose cotton if you want a nappy that will last half a dozen babies, bamboo if you want super absorbency and a luxurious feel or microfibre if you have limited drying space and time.

Cotton is the mainstay of the washable world and has been for centuries. It's a very, very robust fibre and can be washed thousands of times. We have many customers who tell us they’ve put two, three or four babies through Littlelamb cotton nappies and then still sold them on.

Since 2011 all Littlelamb organic cotton yarns are certified by the Soil Association’s GOTS scheme.

Bamboo is a super absorbent fibre with a luxuriously soft feel. It’s often quoted as 40% more absorbent than cotton, which enables us to make a nappy that’s not only thirstier than cotton but less bulky too. As the individual filaments are shorter than cotton they don’t have the longevity but will still last two or more babies with careful laundering.

No bamboo fabric can be organic. We can say it is grown organically which is true but misleading as the organic standard fails during the manufacturing process.  

All our bamboo fibre comes with the Oeko-tex100 certification, which is as close to organic as bamboo can get.

Microfibre nappies are the quick-dry option specifically made for customers who live with restricted drying space or time. As they are made from the same fabric as your fleece jumper they come out of the spin cycle almost dry. A quick air dry or five minutes in the tumbler on a low heat and they should be ready. We recommend microfibre as a day nappy as it doesn't hold as much fluid as either cotton or bamboo.

The OneSize nappy grew out of our old osfa; one-size-fits-all. After customer feedback we lengthened the rise, to stop 'builders bum' on older babies, and now we reckon the OneSize is suitable from about six weeks onwards, when baby's thighs start to fatten up. We also changed the two boosters from microfibre to bamboo as to be honest microfibre just doesn't absorb, or keep hold of, wee so well. Microfibre boosters lead to compression leaks.

OneSize nappies are probably the easiest to use if baby is going to be changed by someone not used to nappy changing i.e. hubby or mother-in law :)

Last but not least is the Sized Pocket nappy. It comes with a woven, not knitted like the OneSize, bamboo insert. Weaving creates a denser but thinner fabric and gram for gram it weighs three times as much as our OneSize booster. In tests it also absorbed three times as much wee. Woven fabric will shrink a tad over the first few washes but the new size won't affect absorbancy.

As the nappies are available in three sizes you will get a much better fit but they will cost you more in the long run. 

Top tip; our bamboo nappy and wrap is often quoted on the forums as the best night time nappy on the market today as it is so absorbent and leak-proof. It is bulkier than some other nappies and takes longer to dry; a side effect of absorbing so much in the first place!



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