How do I dry the nappies?

Line drying in direct sunshine is best as the sun naturally bleaches the fabric and it’s free! Near, but not touching, a heat source like a radiator is also good and the nappies can also be dried on a low heat in the drier. 

If you are using bamboo or cotton nappies give them a quick flick to spread the toweling pile; it speeds up drying and makes them feel softer.

Excessive high heat in a dryer will affect the life-span of the nappies but is OK every now and then in an emergency.

Air movement is the key to drying all laundry. The warmer the air temperature the quicker the water molecules evaporate but without a draught the molecules will be attracted back to the garment*. If you air-dry the nappies inside make sure it’s a draughty spot. I use a small table-top fan in my inside drying area. If it’s set on the lowest speed all my laundry will still dry overnight. To power my fan costs just over 4p a day – a lot cheaper than a drier!

*If you weren't staring out of the window in your science lessons you'll know that water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen atoms. They stick together as one is negatively charged and the other is positive - acting like magnets. When a water molecule evaporates away from a garment it's attracted to the closest water molecule available due to the magnatism - which is usually back in the nappy. That's why laundry dried much quicker in a draught. 


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