How many real nappies will I need?

This is always a tough question to answer.

Ask most nappy sellers and they will underestimate the amount needed to give a false impression of the costs involved.

We try to be accurate but each baby will vary in the amount used day-to-day over their nappy career.

A twenty kit in each size, with all the accessories, will be suitable for the vast majority of babies - but we're happy to sell you more if you wish. It will give you ten nappies a day at the start - when you use the most - but you will need to keep on top of the laundry pile. 

Our most popular sale is the bamboo20 kit. It gives parents a decent amount and they then top up with 'specials' as time goes on. There are some wonderful individual handmade nappies available for special occasions on the internet from work-at-home-mums around the world.

Top tip: Forgot to start the washer? Substitute an old tea towel as an emergency nappy inside the wrap.


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