My nappies have all gone stiff!

A few issues caused by your washer can cause stiff nappies.

Generally it's a build-up of of either detergent or limescale in the fibres.

Which? Magazine surveyed 140 UK-available washing machines and found that only three rinsed ‘satisfactorily’ or higher and none were awarded an ‘excellence’ mark! A truly shocking statistic considering all washers used to, well - work properly!

60% only achieved ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’ in the rinse catagory – and don’t forget these are the current models advertised heavily on the TV.

Why is this? Well, all manufacturers are after a good eco-star rating as consumers use it as a guide to assist their purchase. After all, we all want to make sound environmental choices.

Water is costly. It may fall from the skies in abundance but to clean it, move it and heat it all takes energy so modern washers try and get by on using very little of it. And the biggest saving of water is in the rinse cycle.

To generally cure stiffness in any towelling product always rinse twice.

On a side note – with baby eczema on the increase and washing machines not rinsing the detergents out properly it may be time to link the two? If your baby suffers from eczema try double rinsing all the laundry that comes in contact with his skin.


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