While I'm here, a bit of a testemonial that you may like to use on your website. 

After ordering the birth to potty kit, I was firstly impressed with the cost, the speed of the delivery and the minimal packaging. I also really appreciated the fact that everything was there, ready to go! I had been a little overwhelmed when I started researching different brands of MCNs on the internet. Little Lambs appealed to me because I knew I wouldn't have to go out to buy extra bits and pieces all the time - the kit had everything!

After actually using the little lambs with my daughter, I am thrilled at how well they work. She is a very good feeder and can go through up to 15 nappies a day - needless to say the nappies have almost paid for themselves in the savings compared to disposables!

I am also really pleased with how easy the design is to use. I fold the liners inside the nappies before I put them back in the 'stash' so they are ready to go come changing time. They are totally 'dad-friendly' too! I really didn't like the look of the 'all-in-ones' offered by other brands as I was concerned that in the cool, wet climate they would never dry. This hasn't been a problem with LLs - a day on the airing rack in front of the heater gets them close enough and then a quick spin in the tumble dryer has them perfect and fluffy like new! And despite the fact that we haven't had much sun, when it is out I move the rack outside and the stains disappear, even if they have already been washed and worn several times in between. 

Thank you!

"great product, the first little lamb nappies we got, nearly 2.5 years ago, are now on our second baby! 
Thought we would treat her to some new ones though...."

"Just want to say how much I love your nappies! Have been using them for a few weeks now on my 3 month old little boy and they are amazing! Had been umming and aahing about cloth nappies and so glad we went for the plunge. Every time I've used disposables since then they've leaked poo everywhere (this had always been a problem and meant most of his littlest clothes have yellow stains), but the reusables have never leaked poo at all! This has reaffirmed to me just how much better they really are for us.
Thank you Little Lamb!"
Helen B

“We are absolutely thrilled with the nappies.  Friends have commented on how good the nappies are and would have bought them had they known they were available.” 
Sarah S

Child washing nappies“Thanks for such quick delivery.  I am so pleased with them...a fantastic fit on my little boy... makes a lovely trim nappy on him.  Bought the set after your free trial offer otherwise would have gone for big branded ones... I prefer the fit of yours and at a fraction of the price.”
Melanie O

“Have been using little lambs for nearly a week and can't work out why I ever thought disposables were a good idea. Thanks so much!
Anna S

“Many thanks for the amazingly quick delivery of Little Lamb nappies!  They’ve been recommended to me by two very happy customers.” 
Sarah L

“As a childminder with four children in nappies I wanted to offer my parents an alternative to disposables…extremely happy with your product…very easy to use even when there are lots of nappy changes Thank you for making a great product at a reasonable price.  I will let all childminders know.  Super speedy delivery.”
Amanda M

“Thank you so much for such a fantastic nappy!  Used since we came home from hospital and I am delighted…no leaks or explosions which friends who use disposables have every time…just get more absorbent the more I wash them…recommend them to anyone…free sample persuaded me having actually seen and felt one of the nappies for myself.”
Philippa A.

Child drying nappies“All arrived safely with so little 'packaging' for which thank you…how impressive your service has been so far…prompt delivery, clear and easy website, very good experience. And the nappies are causing a stir amongst family and friends for their softness and cuteness factors.  They're for my third baby and show what a leap cotton nappies have made.  Looking forward to using Little Lambs as all the things which made cotton nappies a little more of a challenge than plastics for me in the past seem to be addressed in their design - not bulky, leg cuffs contain even runny things and won't rely solely on the wrap to do the containing and I won't have to fold them - hurrah.  Thanks again for great service and great nappies.”
Jill B

“Having decided upon real nappies for both ethical and financial reasons I nevertheless approached them with some trepidation - my daughter had been raised in disposables which had been easy to deal with - potentially there was a lot more hassle and mess involved with real nappies, or so I thought.  Young Rory is now five weeks old and looks gorgeous in his fluffy white nappies, and the laundering is now a manageable part of our daily routine. The nappies were easy to use and not at all messy, and the comprehensive information and helpful advice you provide, both on the website and with the nappies, has been first rate.  I am happily recommending you to all and sundry, and you can expect a repeat order once Rory grows out of his size 1's!

Thanks again for making it so easy, and so economical - I found the cost of a starter pack to be only thirty pounds more than a 4-week trial and on the strength of that difference I decided to take the plunge.”
Daria J

I wanted to write to say thank you so much for producing such a brilliant product in your nappies. Safe to say I had a few mental issues in the  first couple of weeks and found myself worrying that Hector was unsettled because his nappies seemed so big compared to disposables. Eventually I caved and bought one pack and in retrospect I now think he was most likely just hungry and so have a half pack of disposables that he's grown out of, I'll have to save them for travelling times with the next one :). At Ante Natal I hear friends talking about how their newborn boys are ruining their clothes from leaking nappies, I had no idea the hassle we'd saved ourselves in those first weeks, one of the times I had Hector in a disposable I had to wash my own shorts as he'd gone through the nappy, his clothes, a cloth he was sitting on all the way to me, and don't get me started on how much he wees!
The extra microfibre cloths I ordered have been a total godsend, I was even cleaning my bathroom in a spare 30 seconds after bathtime with one. I also lay them along the bamboo liner and this works as a sort of "lockaway core" system, the bamboo sucks up the litres of wee he produces and the microfibre keeps it away from his skin.
I've had a couple of friends allaying their conscience by telling me that real nappies have just as much environmental impact due to all the washing and I can tell them very confidently from experience that that is absolutely not the case, I have to wash H's clothes anyway and wouldn't have a full wash if it weren't for the nappies and I'd thus have to buy more clothes, which at this age is nuts! I have found that he's growing out of his clothes quite fast, by his second week he was out of the up to one month onesies and now at 8 weeks is having his last days in his Marks and Spencers up to 3 months but this is definitely having less impact over time. I find that french brands like Petit Bateau in big sizes are great as they're still small around the neck, and are sufficiently long in the body that they pull down over the nappy.
The extra wraps that you sent me are fantastic, ( I think it's good for boys to get in touch with their aqua side sometimes), the microfleece is just as quick drying as I hoped and the bamboo is as you said a fantastic slim fit, I think I'll probably go half and half bamboo/microfleece for my size 2 order, using the slimfit bamboo during the day just so he doesn't look too different to the other kids :) I'll order those nappies via the UK site though so we don't have to bring them with us when we fly back to Europe for the northern hemisphere winter. 
The breast pads are so soft and comfy, my sister gave me her old cotton ones and when all my bamboo ones were in the wash I used them and found them hot, scratchy and uncomfortable, I'm going to order some more of yours for my sister who just had a little boy last week.
All in all , Hector is a very happy boy and loves his nappies (though like so many babies is at his truly happiest in the nuddy), thank you again.
Just thought I'd fill you in on a few of my experiences as it's been such a pleasure being in contact with you over the last year.
Becks S

I just wanted to take a moment to say that I visited an independent nappy expert who had great things to say about LL pocket nappies so we gave them a go and have been thoroughly impressed!
They have proven to be utterly reliable and I do love the fact that you use the bamboo fold to stuff the pocket, as opposed to the microfiber inserts so many other brands use.
They were the first cloth nappies we tried, so of course we have experimented with other brands. LL are absolutely one of my favourites. Alex P

I have been meaning to email since I received my order a couple of weeks ago.  I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the excellent customer service that I received.  Unfortunately I can't remember who it was that I spoke to but they were so helpful in taking my (quite large) order for sale items over the phone.  I called at around 10:30 and by 11:30 I'd had an email and text message from Interlink saying that my package had been picked up with all the delivery details.  Before 2pm the next day the packages had arrived (well within the 1 hour delivery slot).  I haven't actually tried out the nappies yet as my baby isn't due until November but everything looks to be of good quality and oh so soft!  I can't remember the last time I was so impressed by the service received by a company.  Thank you Little Lamb!
Sarah E.

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