What is 'The Real Cost Of Nappies'?

Using Littlelamb reusable nappies will save you money on your first baby and even more for subsequent babies. NHS paediatricians suggest newborns should be changed 10-12 times a day and older babies about six times ending 2 ½ to 3 years later with just one used at night.

Assuming an average of seven changes every 24 hours over baby’s nappy wearing career and you’ll use about 6500 nappies.

Check out the price of quality disposables in your local store and multiply by six and a half thousand.

You’ll be looking at spending around £1000 for each baby.

To compare, add the cost of Littlelamb kits to the cost of laundering of £1 a week* and you’ll immediately see the savings.

Using them on subsequent babies will save you even more.

More to the point - would you like to wear paper knickers?

*The laundering costs include detergent, electricity, water and even the wear-and-tear of your washing machine.


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