What nappy wraps do I need and how many?

Littlelamb bamboo, cotton and microfibre nappies are designed to fit inside Littlelamb wraps.

Different brands of nappies and wraps aren’t always interchangeable and you can read of expensive mistakes on the nappy forums where a parent has bought one brand of nappies and a different brand of wraps. We designed our wraps not only to fit our nappies perfectly but also with other brands of real nappies in mind so we believe it’s probably the best all-rounder.

The wrap is the waterproof aspect of the system. We take baby-soft polyester and bond a urethane film to the inside. The film, under a microscope, would look a bit like a layer of baked bean tins on your countertop. They are pressed together but as they are round there are still gaps between. The gaps are big enough to let air molecules pass through but small enough to stop all the larger fluid molecules.

Customer feedback suggests that with the new improved Littlelamb wrap you'll need one wrap for every three nappy changes unless it's solied with poop. Also, we recommend you don't use the same wrap for more than twelve hours so always use a fresh wrap before bedtime.

Wraps are only needed for our bamboo, cotton and microfibre nappies. You don't need a separate wrap for the OneSize or Sized Pocket nappies.


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