What size nappies will I need?

Littlelamb two-part and pocket nappies are sold in three sizes.

Size 1 fit from 7lbs to 20lbs (3kgs to 9kgs) or most newborns to around 9 months.

Size 2 fit from 20lbs to 38lbs (9kgs to 17kgs) or around 9 months to the potty stage.

Size 3 fit from 30lbs (13kgs) upwards. 

We have spent a lot of time over the past ten years perfecting the sizes and only rarely do we receive an email saying the customer isn’t happy with the fit.

Please remember that babies come in all different shapes and sizes so the above weight and age range should only be taken as an estimate.

I always recommend getting a trial kit so you can choose the correct size for your baby.

Most babies will change shape many times during the early years. It’s quite common for a baby to start using the size 2’s sooner than expected and then to return to fitting the smaller size again once baby has started being mobile and have lost some of their tubbiness. Once any nappy and wrap is in place run your finger around between the seam and baby's skin to make sure it's not too tight.

Our Onesize nappy will fit 90% of babies but remember that if your little one is at either end of the size/weight spectrum buy the sized two-part nappies.


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