Why should I wash nappies before I use them?

All washable items we sell must be washed before use. 

All yarn has a starch based ‘size’ sprayed on it to facilitate snag-free smooth running through the knitting machines which operate at high speed. 

For best results run the nappies through a 30˚c wash a couple of times, without detergent, and the water soluble starch will be removed. There’s no need to dry between washes, just leave them in and start the cycle again.

Organic cotton and bamboo nappies will not achieve full absorption until after the first half dozen washes. Manufactured yarn is quite tight and needs to expand out creating spaces inside the individual filaments where the fluid will be held.

A six times washed nappy will hold 12% more fluid than a twice washed nappy which itself holds twice as much as an unwashed nappy.


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