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Welcome to the 6-week challenge, the complete washable nappy kit with a full money-back guarantee. 

This kit contains all you need to start using washable nappies in one box. If after six weeks of using them you decide that they don't fit with your lifestyle just launder everything and return it to us and we will refund the full purchase price.

Simply choose the size of the nappy you require and the colour of the wraps and we will send this complete kit to your door with free delivery to the UK and Ireland

This 6 week challenge includes:

*20 bamboo nappies with boosters

*20 washable fleecy liners

*6 wraps (choose wrap colours from the palette)

*100 paper liners on a roll

*1 lidded nappy pail

*1 mesh laundry bag

*Instructions and advice



When it comes to a thirsty nappy, this is it. Matched with a LittleLamb bombproof wrap it'll absorb most of what your baby can throw at it. 

The size 1 nappy fits babies from around 7lbs - 20lbs (3kgs - 9kgs) which is generally the age range newborn to nine months.

The size 2 fits babies from around 20lbs-38lbs (9kgs -17kgs) which should fit babies from about seven months to potty training. 

Littlelamb nappies are also available in size 3 which fits from 35lbs/16kgs. We sell very few size 3's as most babies are dry before they need them.

Each bamboo nappy also comes with a washable fleecy liner.

The LittleLamb Bamboo20 is by far our best selling kit and it includes most of what you need to start cloth nappying - wraps, paper liners, lidded nappy pail with mesh also saves you 28%!

All Littlelamb bamboo yarns hold current Oeko-tex certification which is as close to organic as bamboo yarn can get. 

Terms and conditions for the six-week challenge

The only way we can manage to do this offer if you guys are as honest and fair as we are so please read these terms and conditions.

* The 6-week challenge means you can use them for six weeks. 

* Please ensure you wash and dry all the washable parts of the kit before you send them back to us.

* Please ensure that you contact us prior to shipping.

* Please send back your parcel using a tracked and signed for service for your own safety. Return costs are not refunded.

* The 6-week challenge currently only applies to the Bamboo, cotton or microfibre 20 kits. 

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Unit Price: £180.00
Total Price: £180.00

We sell more of these nappies than anything else - and for good reason.

They are the thirstiest nappies we make and they have excellent containment - basically it's what all nappies aspire to.

LittleLamb bamboo nappies have been through many versions since first launched over ten years ago and we have tweeked the fit time and time again until we believe it is now the perfect nappy.

Oeko-tex certified pure bamboo yarn is knitted onto a foundation which completely eliminates shape-loss and shrinkage and promotes longevity - with careful laundering they can last two or three babies. The special way we knit the yarn means that you can't even pull a thread - the more you pull the tighter it locks into place, a must when you have Velcro on the garment.

Moreover, the nappy is cut from a single piece of fabric which is folded over on itself to create a double-layer, highly-absorbant nappy with microfleece soaker inside. Having microfleece rather than a bamboo inner-core drastically reduces the drying time as it 'spins out' water almost completely in the washer and ultimately saves you time and money. 

The elastic - usually the achilles heal in a nappy - is the best quality available and should even outlast the fabric so long as you follow the care instructions.


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Littlelamb wraps bring the waterproof element to the system and are designed to fit perfectly over our reusable nappies. 

With added side gussets they can't be beaten for fit. 

How do they work? The inside of the wrap is covered with a laminate skin bonded in place. The skin looks like a honeycomb under a microscope with the spaces big enough to allow the smaller air molecules to pass through but small enough to stop the larger fluid molecules. Warm air can escape, reducing the temperature inside, whilst keeping the wetness inside. 

Littlelamb wraps also have gently elasticated waist and thighs, as do the nappies, so there are two barriers to stop attempted escapees. It's almost unheard of on a two-part nappy system to have those poo-up-to-the-neck explosions!

How good are they? Over ten years we have refined the fit and component parts to become, what we believe is, the best wrap on the market today. Our customers agree too! If you cruise the nappy forums our latest version is often refered to as bombproof.

Now available in great new colours.


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