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Possibly the ultimate Birth-to-Potty Pocket Nappy Kit on the market today. 

Our Pocket nappy is slim, stretchy and fast to dry. It is made in a combination of high performance fabrics, microfibre to keep moisture away from the skin, bamboo to ensure maximum absorbency, and the softest polycotton designed to let the garment breath. The popers are all tried and tested before they leave our workshop and the elastic is robust yet gentle on the skin.The only negative comments we receive about these nappies is that they don't come in colours -yet!

This pocket birth-to-potty nappy kit has everything you need for using washable nappies with your baby and saves you £74.50 compared to buying the items separately.

Take a look at what you get 

* 30 Shaped pocket nappies
* 30 Bamboo Inserts
* Roll of flushable liners
* Mesh laundry bag
* Bucket

This kit contains 15 size 1 nappies which fit from around 9lbs-20lbs 

15 size 2 nappies to fit your baby from around 20lbs-35lbs 

Size 3 nappies will fit your baby from around 35lbs+

What colour wrap would you like?
Select Colour (max of 30)
Unit Price: £300.00
Total Price: £300.00

Littlelamb new pocket nappies are simply the best quality pocket nappy you can buy. It is a combination of all the best bits of Littlelamb nappies in one, although I think that most of its success is owed to the perfect fit, ensuring that baby is comfortable but not prone to leaks. When you have had six children in washables, you know what is important with the fit. The leg has to be tight enough to prevent leaks but not too tight to create any chaffing. We use the softest elastic that is gentle on baby’s skin but is robust enough to last. We do not offer a re-elasticating service, as we have no need. The nappy is designed to stand up to wear and tear you wouldn’t believe a baby capable of. The leg has a shaped gusset to allow for freedom of movement. The back seam is gently elasticated to prevent any nappy explosions and the front closing has enough popper positions to grow with your babies ever changing shape. The bottom is slightly deeper than many other brands as a nappy cannot do it's job properly if baby has a "builders bottom” and the front does not gape but fits snuggly.


The fabrics used to create are pretty high-tech for a nappy, again combining all of the best components of the nappies and wraps we do. You see, by using a fine microfibre for the inside of the nappy (where baby sits) it allows moisture to be drawn away from the skin. The insert is a double layer of bamboo that is folded into three then popped into the pocket at the back of the nappy. Many other brands use a thick microfibre wad instead of the opening bamboo but I hate waiting for my nappies to dry and this ensures one of the fastest drying methods and looks lovely when they are all on the line. It also ensures that the nappy remains as slim as possible giving your baby total freedom no matter if he is newborn and just wriggling in your arms or toddling across the room! 


The stretchy outer layer of this nappy allows for free movement in all directions and is made from a polly-cotton backed with a waterproof but breathable covering so it is soft and remains soft no matter how often it is washed and being a poly-cotton it will remain fresh and white. 


Caring for this nappy is simple. Always use the dry bucket system (this means no soaking no bleaching- just pop it into the bucket and pop the lid on to prevent any pong) then when you have a days worth of nappies (or two if you have enough), pull the bamboo inner out of the pappy’s pocket and chuck it all into the washing machine with half a cup of powder.  When your machine has done all the hard work for you dry the nappies and inners either on the line or in the dryer. I always put my nappies onto a wire clotheshorse then I could put them out during the day and pop them in front of a radiator if they needed it through the night.


 Slim, stretchy, easy to care for, fast to dry, this nappy is the solution for a real modern nappy.

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Littlelamb new pocket nappies are a nappy, booster and wrap all-in-one. They are so simple to use. I get mine in from the line, give them a little shake, pop the beautiful bamboo insert into the pocket and there you go, all ready for nappy changing time when you will see that using pocket nappies are even easier then disposables (after all, these are delivered to your door).

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