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This trial kit contains one bamboo nappy and one wrap so you can see if this system is right for your baby.

The nappy is made from Oeko-tex certified bamboo yarn - so there are no nasty chemicals lurking to affect baby's immature skin -  and knitted onto a fine mesh foundation so these nappies won't shrink or lose their shape no matter how many washes they are subjected to. The elastic and Velcro are top quality and will last hundreds and hundreds of washes and over the years the fit has been tweaked again and again until we believe it is now the perfect nappy and wrap combination. 

The wrap is the outer waterproof part of the system and combines sturdy components together with high technology. The inside has a micron-thin laminate bonded to the poly-knit surface which allows air to circulate but stops fluids and the end result is a nappy which doesn't over-heat, an important issue for boys' development.

Size 1 for babies from around 7lbs-20lbs

Size 2 for babies from around 20lbs-38lbs

Size 3 for babies from 30lbs plus.



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Bamboo nappies are what put Littlelamb on the map.

Our first version was way back in 2002 and we've tweeked the fit again and again until we now believe we have the best fitting nappy on the market.

Having had six babies in washables means that we know what to look for. The nappy has to fit around baby snuggly but not too tight that it causes discomfort. This is where the Velcro fastening and quality elastic come into play. Velcro means you can fit the nappy perfectly time after time on a growing baby - and my, how they grow and change shape over the weeks and months!

Our nappies are designed to stand up to wear-and-tear that you wouldn't believe a baby capable of. An average nappy on just one baby will be washed a couple of hundred times and will be expected to work just as well on the two hundredth wash as the first. Because of this we import specially made elastic from America that will even outlast the fabric with careful laundering.

We discovered that bamboo was an excellent nappy material back in 2002 but found that when woven it would shrink alarmingly. To combat shrinkage we chose to knit, rather than weave, all our yarn onto an ultrafine foundation which creates a completely non-shrink, non-threadpull nappy that won't go out of shape. 


Moreover, it's cut from a single piece of fabric which is folded over on itself to create a double-layer, highly-absorbant nappy with microfleece inside. Having microfleece rather than a bamboo inner-core drastically reduces the drying time as it 'spins out' water almost completely in the washer and ultimately saves you even more money. 

Wayback, our original nappy version had the external bamboo booster attached to all the three sizes but feedback suggested that on a new born it made the nappies a bit too bulky and wasn't needed as they just don't wee in vast quantities. We now supply the size 1 nappies with the bamboo booster placed inside rather than sewn-in. 

Caring for bamboo nappies is pretty simple. Store dirty nappies in the lidded nappy bucket provided with the kits and when you have a full load chuck them in the washer. When your washer has done all the hard work either line dry them or pop them in the dryer on a low setting. 

There are a few rules with washing bamboo nappies:-

- When you take the nappies off baby fold the Velcro tabs over onto themselves - this stops them snagging in the wash.

- Use the 'dry-bucket' system. There's no need to soak nappies if you have a modern washing machine and detergent.

- Never use nappy sanitisers. They all contain <30% sodium percarbonate which when mixed with water turns to hydrogen peroxide. Need I say more? Sanitisers were fine on terry squares back in Grandma's day.

- Never use fabric conditioner. Bamboo nappies are soft and silky anyway but a fabric conditioner will clog up the microscopic spaces between the bamboo fibres and reduce absoption. 

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Littlelamb wraps are designed to fit perfectly over Littlelamb reusable nappies. With added side gussets and cross-over waist tabs they just can't be beaten. Made from a baby-soft polyester knit they're waterproof yet breathable. 

How do they work? The inside of the wrap is covered with a laminate skin bonded in place. Under a microscope the laminate looks like loads of rods all standing up and touching. The space between the rods is big enough to let air pass but way to small to let the larger fluid molecules through. Warm air can escape, reducing the internal temperature of the nappies whilst keeping all the wee inside.

Littlelamb wraps also have gently elasticated waist and thighs, as do the nappies, so there are two barriers to stop escapees. It's unheard of on a two-part nappy system to have those poo-up-to-the-neck explosions!

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