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Ten of the ultimate fast drying nappies - designed for when drying space and time are limited.

With microfibre the fluid is held between the individual filiments so the fluid spins out during the wash process, a quick air dry and they are ready to go again.

Microfibre do need to be changed more often, to stop the chance of compression leaks, but as they are so quick to launder you don't need a bigger stash.

The microfibre nappies are cut from the same pattern as the LittleLamb organic cotton and bamboo nappies but due to the nature of microfibre they are slightly bulkier.

The size 1 fits babies from around 7lbs - 20lbs (3kgs - 9kgs)

The size 2 fits babies from around 20lbs-38lbs (9kgs -17kgs)

Microfibre nappies aren't available in size 3.

Microfibre nappies come with a fast dry fold-out booster sewn in place except for the size 1 which now comes with a separate booster as parents told us that on a newborn the extra absorption wasn't needed.
Unit Price: £72.00
Total Price: £72.00

Littlelamb microfibre reusable nappies are perfect for parents who don't have much space or time for drying their nappies.

They come out of the washing machine almost dry and need a quick line dry or a five minute blast in the dryer to finish them off.  

Why is microfibre a quick dry fabric? If you looked at the material under a microscope you'd see that there're squillions of strands that make up the yarn. The fluid is held between each strand rather than being absorbed into the strand itself. This means that during the spin cycle almost all of it is spun out. Much like your polar fleece jumper.

We knit the microfibre yarn onto the base rather than weave it to ensure that it does not shrink which means the microfibre nappies will last and last.
The nappy has a velcro fastening as I found that using poppers was just a pain when you are doing night-time changes in the dark. As long as the velcro is closed back onto its laundry tabs before it goes into the wash it will keep doing what it is supposed to do for years. We also have a unique cross-over velcro tab designed to fit your baby from very tiny through all the shape changes they will go through till they get to the stage that they do not need nappies any more. (Yes, this does happen eventually!). 

I have also found the softest elastic to use around the waist and leg of the nappy. This baby-soft elastic along with the adjustable waist band will stop any rubbing and chaffing as I hate seeing those red marks on a little one. The elastic will last for years. Ensure you use the dry bucket system and your nappies will last for baby after baby. Dirty Littlelamb nappies only need to be stored in a dry bucket until you have enough for a load. There's no need to soak nappies anymore as washing machines, detergents and nappy materials have advanced so much since Grandma's day.

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